Dear 2020, This is NOT What I Meant When I Told You I Wanted “Space” this Year ðŸ˜’.

Sharing the lesson I've gleaned from 2+ weeks of shelter-in-place: learning how to tackle the psychological and emotional toll of COVID-19, what I call, the "ugly reckonings." These equate to the realizations of busying myself so much, that I never truly had to face the person I saw in the mirror. That I didn't have to do the work of accepting her where she is, understanding her needs, and unpacking what's holding her back from the life she wants.

How to Have More Meaningful and Loving ::RELATIONSHIPS::

December 2018, I had three conversations with intelligent, wise, and loving women that fundamentally changed the way I view relationships. On a holiday trek through D.C., New Jersey, and Jamaica, I put these lessons into practice and was astounded at the results. My journey to manifesting more mutual, spiritual, and meaningful friendships, mentorship, and romantic … Continue reading How to Have More Meaningful and Loving ::RELATIONSHIPS::

Overcoming Periods of Self Doubt…or How to Win a Fool’s Game

DISCLAIMER: It has come to my attention that some folk believe that I "have it all together." Please accept this disclaimer as my way of saying three things: 1) I am figuring this out (and making this up) right alongside you dear reader; 2) I am not immune to feeling completely lost in tasks that … Continue reading Overcoming Periods of Self Doubt…or How to Win a Fool’s Game

How a Dream Becomes a Vision

In Nigerian culture,** parents typically assemble grandparents, close friends, a pastor, and relatives for a naming ceremony for the child, 7 days after birth. It is an occasion full of celebration, prayer, and inspiration as everyone revels over what the child's name will be. Typically, the child will have several traditional names, an English (or name … Continue reading How a Dream Becomes a Vision