Blog Origins

“What is going on?!?”

Whyyy Fca

…seems to be a common question asked by young adults–at least the ones in my circle. We all seem to be struggling with discovering our strengths, evaluating our options, and committing to a direction. But…can you blame us? We are asking children at younger and younger ages to determine exactly what they want to be when they grow up so that they can begin undergoing the various summer camps, advanced classes, and tutoring to prepare for their careers. This blog was my way of relieving myself of all the pressure that is both self-induced and evident in society. If there’s one thing that I want you to take away from this site it’s the notion that “YOU can do it!” You’re not alone. I’m IN graduate school and still grappling with the same questions. Feel free to explore. Share. Inspire. Learn. Think. Grow. Use the information that’s helpful and apply it so that it works for you.

Most importantly—good luck on your journey and OWN your experience!

Challenge Accepted

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