New Year. New Attitude. New ME.

The first day of fall ’16 quarter (yesterday September 26, 2016) was a beautiful day on campus. Bright eyed and bushy tailed freshmen and first years hustled and bustled to classes and learned just what a quarter system is all about. I cannot believe that the year has passed by so quickly–though going through it at the time, it felt anything but quick. So much about me and my perspective on life has changed. Having come back from a trip to my alma mater, University of Maryland College Park and performing in Washington D.C. I feel ready to take on the world again. My skin is thick, my chin is held high, and I finally have a plan.

I envision a world where 3D printing (also known as Additive Manufacturing or AM) is creating the changes individuals wish to see in their communities. I believe this revolutionary technology has the potential to be disruptive and wildly empowering for the millions of people with ideas but few tangible ways to execute them. With the rise of bio-derived 3D printed materials, there’s great possibility to not only create useful and elegant structures but to do them sustainability. We are opening up AM to a world of users that may be able to turn their waste streams into furniture and infrastructure–should they so choose. I am excited to see where this development takes me and I believe my three courses this quarter beautifully supplement my dream: ME310A a course focused on the entire design process, CEE265D Water and Sanitation in Developing Countries, and ME353 Design for AM. It took a windy and troubling year to get to this point, but I have more faith than ever that I’m in the right place and doing the right thing with my life. No matter how hard life attempts to rattle you, you must plant your feet and dig your heels deeper into the ground. The true test of your character will only be in how you decide to respond. Remember, there are always three choices in life: do the right thing (which is best), do the wrong thing (which is second best), or do nothing (which is always undeniably the worst).

black-womanBB Tip: Get up and do something to change the world today! Even if it means just making your bed.





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