D282: Just Keep Swimming (Recognizing the Strength in Consistency)

Today marks ~3 weeks since I completed my first year of graduate school, putting me an entire academic year closer to earning a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering. I wanted to post this on my last day of school since I started blogging on the first day—but I was exhausted. I mean completely wiped out. This year was full of meetings no one should have, of heinous crimes against black, brown, and female bodies no one should see, of a world being strewn about and reassembled in a fashion no one would dare accept. So forgive how lackadaisical I am about concluding one of several years. Despite this, everyone, and everything that threatened to deter me from my trajectory, my consistency has been my greatest asset. Of course, this is yet another learned behavior from my parents, echoed in the sentiment of Dory’s favorite song, “just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…”


True words plastered on the walls of gyms nationwide.

My year taught me that the most difficult part of falling down is convincing yourself you can get back up. Consistency kicks in like a reflex catapulting outstretched palms each time knees tremble and buckle under the weight of low bars and expectations. All I can do is continue to do. All I can hope is to continue to hope. And all that matters is that I continue to realize I matter. I must recognize that my existence in this nexus of technology, academia, social entrepreneurship, and sustainable design is my active resistance against my oppression. I affirm that I am here and thus still have just enough energy to get back up one more time.

cute-queen-bee.pngQueen Bees, stay in formation and sip lilac lemonade. The black female body is subjected to incomprehensible amounts of pain and is advised to emerge every time even stronger and more prepared for the worst that has yet to come her way. Just because we don’t look like what we’ve been through, doesn’t mean we aren’t in need of support.

“Just because we’re magic, doesn’t mean we aren’t real.” -Jesse Williams


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