D217: How Beyoncé’s Lemonade Motivated Me to Keep Pushing

I have to be honest: 1) 2016 has already earned its place as the most challenging year of my life  (I can’t believe it’s only April) and 2) I’ve never been a die-hard, know all the words, go to all the concerts, Beyoncé fan, and quite frankly I’m still not. But I have the utmost respect for both the year 2016 and Beyoncé. I woke up this morning tired from everything — the mantra “I came here to be a student,” replaying itself over and over again in my head. Every morning seemed to be a reminder that something else had gone wrong, or needed immediate attention, or was going to derail me yet again. A few minutes before I began spiraling back into a dark place, a GroupMe message appears on my phone from a friend with the link to Beyoncé’s Lemonade – Visual Album. An hour and 5 minutes later, I got out of bed believing that there was something in this world to look forward to. Her raw vulnerability reminded me of why I produce art and the impact that it can have on people’s lives.

broken heart.png

“I tried to make a home out of you…”

-W. Shire

Being black. And woman. And engineer. Is not easy. Most days, I’m not sure which identity is warranting the micro-aggression, or the feelings of not belonging. Today, I echo the sentiment that life gives everyone sour moments — but artists know how to turn them into something sweeter. I’ll emerge as the dust settles from this troubled year, even when gravity pushes me down, I must continue to stand back up. I must.

blender.pngShake Things Up: Saturdays have become my official day of relaxation. I challenge you to also make a day, or evening, or hour for yourself. Do something you’ve been putting off, talk to someone that makes you feel good, collect only reasons to smile on this day. Throw the lemons life hurls in the blender, add some mango nectar, and enjoy a good smoothie.


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