D102: Tough Decisions

Happy 2016!

flad dec

‘Tis the season for putting one’s best foot forward and starting anew. I successfully completed my first quarter at Stanford and am gearing up for the excitement that this time of year brings. Right now, most people are riddled with new goals, for GPA, weight, personal growth, and development. I have spent the past several hours reflecting on 2015 and what it has brought to me. My 2015 was the year of difficult decisions. A year that challenged me to weigh multiple outcomes from disparate perspectives with various consequences. I have sought advice from some of the people I admire most and have received some of the warmest encouragement from lives that I have touched. All this is to say–life will always go on.While I fretted with the choices and obsessed on the future, I forgot that any decision I make was precisely the decision I was supposed to make.

This post’s title may be misleading, I am not here to advise you on how to make better decisions. Rather, to prepare you mentally for having to make tough decisions. You are exactly who you need to be and you are doing exactly what you were meant to do in this moment. Some decisions we cannot take back but lest we forget that life continues to move forward. You’re in the driver’s seat. It’s your life. Take control over where you want to go and how you get there, just be sure to read the signs along the way and make sure it’s what you came there for.

New-Year-2016-Png-02.pngNew Year’s Resolution: Do not limit myself to waiting until January 1st to unlearn bad habits and substitute them for positive changes.

Seek a lesson in every day and challenge the way that everything is done.


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