D72: “Stanfording” While Black. Why Black Lives Matter Here Too.

BlackoutSU Aerial

Blackout at Stanford University’s White Plaza on November 18, 2015

I wouldn’t feel like a responsible African American blogger unless I also took the time to address much of the hysteria sweeping college campuses. In light of recent situations, protests, rallies, and demonstrations have been orchestrated by colleges across the country in support of campus reforms. With each passing day, I find myself more disturbed by the horrific accounts from people of color and the distorted portrayals by media “officials.” Every YouTube comment, Facebook post, and Twitter hashtag addressing the issues is usually followed by trolling hate speech that makes me question, how far have we really come as a nation?

Not everyone will like me. I get that. Not everyone cares to get to know me. I’m fine with that too. Not everyone will acknowledge the enormous obstacles placed in front of marginalized people. I understand this as well. But I am still a person. I need to be loved, seen, heard, and understood. I yearn for compassion, empathy, success, and freedom. Our veins pump with the same ferocity and our minds solve the same algorithms. All I ask is for respect. For the black students at HLS who wake up to hate crimes. For the black students at Mizzou that are terrorized for going to class. For the black students in Spring Valley High School that are flung across the room like yesterday’s trash. I see you. I hear you. I stand with you in solidarity.


raised fist

Stay Woke. Recognize the power that you hold when you are informed of the whole situation. Know what’s happening in the world around you–it’s a pretty small place. The things that happen here affect you far more than you may think.


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