D8: Stanford “Duck” Syndrome (i.e. We Just LOOK Calm)

red-cross-158454_640Important Syndromes to get familiar with as a graduate student should you ever have to diagnose yourself: Barbie (see first post), Impostor, and Duck…”what’s ‘Duck Syndrome,'” you say? Ever seen a duck floating serenely on the water and wondered how it was able to remain so peaceful? Turns out, that poor little duck is probably paddling its heart away. This is the humbling reality for many of our colleagues as well. We rarely see them break a sweat, it seems like everything just goes their way, when in fact they just work extremely hard. Moral of the story, it’s easy to fall victim to Duck Syndrome–but remember that we all must GRIND for what we truly want!

penguin-23159_640Advice from Sarcastic Penguin: “Two things every student should know about graduate school: (1) Everybody lies–i.e. that life plan your classmate has had since they were two, hah, probably not the final draft and (2) Nobody cares about you–if you want something then you have to make a way for yourself and not wait for it to be handed to you.”


One thought on “D8: Stanford “Duck” Syndrome (i.e. We Just LOOK Calm)

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